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August 12, 2017  

This week Joe, Sam, and Joel discuss the previous weekend's box office results, Avengers 4, Aquaman, Justice League, Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson's info protest, Star Wars 8 The Empire Strikes Back Again, trailers galore, Christ Pratt, Silver and Black, Bad Boys 3, Ad Astra, Dumbo, Venom and Carnage, Malignant Man, Hellboy: The Blood Queen, Terminator 6, Josh Brolin vs James Cameron, The Disaster Artist, Disney leaving Netflix, Millarworld and Netflix, George Clooney's Suburbicon, Avatar 2 3 4, Terminator 2 3D - Aliens 3D, The Lion King adding Beyonce as Elton John, Deadpool 2's first look at Cable, and we play Kiss-Marry-Kill, and Bad B.O. (Bad Box Office). all that plus giggles and fun aplenty! Download us or stream us on itunes, stitcher, or podbean today!

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